Design by Andri Buser


Model Aufrag für Elias Sonderegger - Displayed is the deformation as a result of deforming and distorting the natural shapes of the human body. Different numbers of extremities, as well different kinds of clothing for two or four parts of a human body, we produced. There are different outfits, putting natural and unnatural shapes of the human body to their extremes. Exaggerating or diminishing different parts of a human and thus trying to show love for each and every body this earth has to show.

A project trying to show the possibilities of recycling and reusing. Whilst the majority of pieces shown are made out of second-hand clothing and material, it should be a statement for a brighter, more sustainable future and hopefully contribute in a positive way to said future.

Photographer duo: Elias "Mücki" Sonderegger & Jamie Stäuble

other model: Aoife McGlacken

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